Senior couple preparing food in the kitchenWhat kind of solutions does your business need?

Organizational Solutions –  Is your office a mess?  Where does the mail go?  Can you find records or receipts when you need them?  Is your filing up to date?  Do you need help creating a system so that your office works?

Process Solutions – Where does the paper go when it arrives in your office?  Who is doing what part of the monthly bookkeeping steps?  Are procedures written down?  Are there duplications in the tasks of the business?  Is anyone reviewing the financial data?  Would a month end checklist help your business or accounting department?  I love a checklist.  Let me help you develop your own solutions.

Reporting Solutions – Does your chart of accounts make sense to you?  I can help you simplify and customize your chart of accounts so that your financial reports are readable. These are two of my favorite tasks in business – to simplify and customize.

Do you have excel spreadsheets for details?  I can train you and your staff on excel software.  It is a must for businesses.  Do you have a computer software such as Quick Books?  Are the records accurate?  Does the bank statement reconcile?  Are the debts correctly reported?  The interest and current balance on the loans?

Training Solutions – Does someone in your office need help with Word, Excel, Quick Books, Business Works, MAS90, FRx or other software training?

Planning Solutions – Where is your business going?  Do you have a leader? A vision?  Do you want new customers? What is your marketing plan?

Budgeting Solutions – Do you need to make a budget?  Do you want to know how?

Selling Solutions – Are you ready to sell your business?  Now you really need accurate financials.  Business brokers and buyers calculate the value of your business based on your financial reports.  I have successfully completed the process of selling a business that I started and ran for 18 years in Sonoma County, California.  The purchase went well, the buyer is still happy six years later, and we didn’t lose a single client in the transition.  They said it couldn’t be done.  I have many tips about doing this carefully and thoughtfully.