Training Services

Training Services include:

  • QuickBooks – absolutely one of the easiest accounting software programs available.  After 28 years of computerized accounting, I love the ease and value of this program.  If you’re not liking it, let me help.
  • Excel – a favorite program if you’re a numbers geek like me.  Rows and columns, it is useful for many applications in your business.  If you need a worksheet in rows and columns, or a database, I can create it for you.
  • BusinessWorks – this is a larger and more complex accounting software.  I used it for my payroll service business for 18 years handling 50 companies’ accounting data with excellent results.  It is a premium software.
  • Word – prepare letters and marketing materials.  If you own this software and are not familiar with it, I can help you with this.
  • MAS90 – another accounting software I use on a weekly basis.  If you have questions, I can find the answers.
  • PowerChurch – yes, there is a software for fund accounting with this name.  I use it for one of my clients, and can assist you if you use this one.