Accounting Services

expensereport1-webAccounting services include:

  • Setting up your accounting software, Quick Books or Business Works. Creating or updating your chart of accounts to better assist you. Training you to correctly invoice and post to your software.
  • Acounting review and oversight.  This includes bank reconciliation, credit card reconciliation, correct or reclassify expenses if needed, create financial reports and read them with you.
  • Updating your list of equipment and assets, making entries to correct your Balance Sheet.
  • Meeting with other individuals, committees or Board Members to present financial data as needed.
  • Creating Budgets for your organization.
  • Reviewing year end financial data and preparing final reports for your tax preparer.
  • Creating Payroll reports and correctly posting data from an outside payroll service.
  • Getting you ready for tax preparation.
  • Cleaning up your shoebox
  • Catching up your piles
  • You tell me, how may I help you?