checking balanceHow may I help you?

Setup QuickBooks – QuickBooks is a simple and easy to use accounting software.  With it you can create invoices and reports, track spending by check and credit card, and have data ready for tax preparation.

Help you learn Quick Books for your business.
Are you currently using QuickBooks and not exactly happy with your reports?  I can help you clean up the chart of accounts, simplify wherever possible, and be happy with accurate reports.

Review your financials – this can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or as needed.  Questions are answered, I teach you how to read the details of what is included in your expense line items, and make sure you are reporting income correctly.

Organize – get your office organized.  This will help you work more efficiently and be happier while you are there.  Together, we can organize your monthly bookkeeping steps so that none are overlooked.

Reconcile – The records are not considered accurate until you reconcile to the bank statement.  This is a basic step to completing the month’s accounting processes.

Training – I am a very gentle and custom trainer for many software programs.  I enjoy teaching QuickBooks, Excel, and BusinessWorks.

Budgets – Are you a new business trying to create a budget for the first time?  Are you a non-profit organization whose leaders need to see a budget?  Are you writing a grant and need budget information?  I can help with this, as well.

Business Planning and Consulting
– Do you need to create a business plan?  A marketing plan?  I have been in business since 1982 and have consulted business owners over the years with planning and marketing.  It is an important part of being in business.  Do you envision where you are going with your business?  Do you know who your target market is?  Where to find them?  Let’s talk.

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