businesswoman reads documentWelcome to Accurate Financials’ website!

Accurate is described on the dictionary.com website as “free from error or defect, precise, exact.”

I have chosen the name Accurate Financials for my business because it reflects what I do.  I come into your business or home office and review and reconcile your books until they are free from error, precise and exactly correct.  It is a fun and very satisfying profession for me and I have been doing it for 28 years.

My name is Miriah Stuart.  You may call me @ 503-266-8836 or email miriah@gotaccuratebooks.com

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Serving Oregon clients in and around Portland, Oregon City, West Linn, Canby & Wilsonville areas.

Call me to assist you with your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Together, we can make your Financials Accurate!